Turkey lira

Erdogan has put Turkey in deeper trouble

Turkish markets have been given another shock with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s decision to fire a respected central bank governor after four months in the job and replace him with a relative unknown.

interview with Polish expat Anna in Turkey

Interview With A Polish Expat In Turkey

Anna is a Polish expat woman living in Turkey. She came to Turkey in 2011, and in this interview shares how it is to be a foreign woman in Turkey for her. Read about how she is trying to make a business out of a passion, what kind of adjustments she had to make when settling in Turkey and more about her expat experience in Turkey.

interview with British expat in Turkey

Interview With a British Expat Living In Ankara, Turkey

Rose is a British expat living in Turkey and in this interview she shares her experience of being a mom in a foreign country. Read her tips on how to enjoy Turkey, how she makes friends in Ankara and how she feels about safety in Turkey?

interview with Canadian expat in Turkey

Interview a Canadian Expat In Turkey

Today’s interview is about Christopher Mitchell.  He is from Canada, and he has visited 70 countries and has lived in Oslo, Norway, Seoul, South Korea, and Istanbul Turkey. Let’s read his expat life experience in Istanbul, Turkey as a travel blogger and teacher.